Wednesday, January 25, 2012

OMG!my floor apartment is going to fall!!

Hi there!This is seriously shocking!Yesterday,my husband call me and complaint that our apartment floor is about to fall.As soon as i received his phone call,i Straightly Went home and step the floor at the hall.It is moving really.I am so nervous and without delay, call the landlord and the contractor to check the strength of the floor because if it is really going to fall,our neighbor down us is also affected. We are advised to move all the furniture and luckily the contractor said it is only the tiles moving. I am very glad that they are fixing the floor today.That is very rare things happening in here.Normally,the will delay for a few days or weeks.I thing this is not only the tiles problem because my husband saw a small crack on the cements when they moving the tiles.That's why..a night before my husband heard a sound of cracking down the floor while taking his dinner and we did checked on the floor but its not affected but we noticed that the wall is a bit cracking. Owh my!please pray for our safety.Lately,so many scary things happened in our life.Please save us for our children and family.Amin

Until then!Bubye.

Love and hugs,
Kak lang
work in progress


  1. gilak ahh..nasib baik perasan awal sebelum lantai tu roboh..

  2. cik sibuk: tulah seram kan..tambahan pula ada 2 orang kawan kak lang pernah mengalami kejadian syiling runtuh ye..walhal syiling sini semua guna cement.huhu