Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Sweet memories of my

find me???xoxox

Hello everyone! Guess from this picture above..which one is kak lang? hehehe

Last week my cousin, kak manje send me this picture..i almost couldn't remember my own face while i am young and cute(please give me a big slap on my face..ahaks)...when i ask her..which one is me?she answered the cute one of course..ahaks!perasan pulak..budak kecil kan semua comel...This picture was taken long time ago...during my big brother circumcision ceremony i guess..but i am not sure whose place is this. Is it Johore or Negeri Sembilan? How times fly fast..i am now growing old and wife to someone special in my eyes but yet we still waiting the miracle from Allah s.w.t to give us our own baby and hence all my cousins on this picture also growing old..kak manje even have her own grandchild..kan kak manje?The rest already have their own families and kids of course.

Dear friends and beloved family, please pray for us to have our own babies.sobs!sobs!7 years waiting...and yet still waiting..

Until then. Bye..

Love and hugs,
Kak lang

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