Friday, April 15, 2011

Yesterday's story


Nasi Goreng Kampung
Sup Wanton

Hi there, this is yesterday story.  I skip my breakfast and lunch yesterday.  Kinda busy at workplace.  I came back from work yesterday with a "hungry ghost" face. hahaha!  How i miss Malaysia, a place of food heaven. I dont have to worry about coming back late from work to cook.  I can stop buy any restaurant and order a menu i love. sigh!  Therefore, i took heavy meals for dinner last night. hehe.  Nasi goreng kampung and wanton soup.

Let me tell you guys about yesterday story.  I bought a mattress yesterday at a small shop around Sandaga place at Dakar town.  The price is so expensive.  I wonder why everything in Dakar is expensive.  How the local people survive.  Much more expensive compare to Europe Country.  Ok enough about the price.  Unlike Malaysia if we bought mattress even at "Apek" shop they will sent the product we bought directly to our house even though we bought a small thing like shoe rack. The funny things in Dakar, if we bought any product like mattress we have to rent a taxi to brought it to our place. They will put the mattress(king size)on the top of the taxi.  Can you imagine?  Its mean you have to pay the product's price plus the taxi price.  Clever right.  

Because I desperately need the mattress, i just agree to the condition.  I let the taxi driver follow my car and  my eyes keep on focusing the taxi.  Im afraid the driver will run away with my mattress.  Here in Dakar, anything can happen.  Argh.. i forget to snap a photo because so focusing on the taxi driver.  Who knows i might be miss this moment when i come back to Malaysia right.  As a result my mattress safely arrived at my house and i have to pay another cost to ask someone carry the mattress up to my apartment at level 4.   The elevator doesn't fit (small).  What a survival live in Africa country especially in Dakar.

Ok guys, that's all for today.  Until then.


Love and Hugs,


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