Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sunday activities

Hi there!This weekend is a very lazy day for me.I'm not going out at all.Just stay at home,cooking and eating.muahaha.That's why I'm getting bigger and bigger.I wish,I can eat everything without putting on weight.Can I?owh my..Last Saturday I baked a butter bread pudding.Sunday morning,I fry a 'mee goreng mamak style' and we had a grilled chicken for dinner.We not taking lunch because the 'mee goreng mamak' already make our stomach filled till the evening.Besides watching tv,we doing nothing.hmmm...I miss my family a lot and cannot wait to meet them again soon.

Until then.Bubye!

Love and hugs,
Kak Lang
Grilled chicken
Mee goreng "mamak" style


  1. napa grill ciken kak lang nmpak lawa nihh..camno buat? org tak jadi mcm tu aa..kak lang nyer mcm kenny roger aaa..sila tunjuk ajo ku sifuuu~

  2. Chesue:memang sebijik rasa mcm Kenny Rogers sebab Kak lang google resepi ayam grill Kenny Rogers.mantops!Nanti Kak lang letak resepi.ok