Sunday, May 15, 2011

This is why my shape is getting shapeless

Hi there! Ramai orang yang sedang sibuk berdiet dan memasang badan sekarang.  Tetapi saya??sila lihat segala macam makanan yang saya masak sepanjang dua minggu lepas...Huhu.  These are during i at home watching for my sick hubby.  Im so worry about him and bake all these.  The worse thing is, he ask me to bake some food but he didnt even eat it.  I wish he getting better soon so that he can eat a lot of food that he loves so much.  Sayang speed recovery my dear.  Oppssii!!my blog dah macam blog masakan pulakkan.  No!no!no! this blog is about my life and this is the way i live.  To all, please buzz me to get the recipe ya.

Until then.bye bye.

Pandan Chiffon cake

Cornflakes cookies  and pancakes

Assorted buns

Beef lasagna with cabbage

The making of donut


Frozen donut

Love and Hugs,