Monday, May 2, 2011

Kisah Boss belanja lunch makanan tempatan sempena harijadi beliau

Hi there! Hari ni me nak cerita pasal boss belanja lunch makanan Senegal sempena sambutan birthday beliau last friday on 29 April 2011.  Below are pictures of those food.  We all makan ni kat office je but for my hubby he ordered grill mutton aka lamb grill.  Take away lagi tu.  He doesn't like Senegalese food at all but he likes any types of grill food especially lamb.  The funny things in this country, if we wanted to take away food especially the local food, we have to bring our on container if not the owner of the restaurant either scold you or ask you to buy their container with expensive price.  Let me tell you about Senegalese food and their routine.  In Senegal they have a schedule to eat their food everyday(this is about lunch food only).  Like timetable.hehehe..(this is what they told me so).  Monday most of them ate chebjen or fried rice with fish and sauce(except in restaurant of course they serve variety of food) . Tuesday they eat yassa poulet (not in the photo)its a rice and chicken like chicken rice but without the soup and the sauce that tastes so sour, a lots of onion.  My favorites among these are chebjen.  They fry the rice with tomato paste and it tastes like Malaysian fried rice with ketchup.The next day they will eat chebuyap (yellow rice with mutton and sauce), followed by steam rice but oily with minced meat with peanut sauce(it smells like malaysian peanut sauce but i never taste it), normally the following days they will cooked rice with fish and sauce, mutton, beef and blablabla.  In my observation these people in Senegal, they love fish, mutton and beef very much, therefore you can find all those thing with cheap price everywhere.   Ok friends, later when i try different types of Senegalese food, i will let you all see how its look like.  So ok for now, this is only little story about Senegalese local food, maybe later when i free i will tell you guys more about this country.  Their culture and scenery.

Until then. bubye!

Love and Hugs,

Grilled mutton

Chebuyap-nasi dgn daging kambing

Chebujen-nasi goreng dgn ikan

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