Friday, March 1, 2013

Senegal fruit named MAD

MAD fruit (picture from google)

Happy Weekend guys!.  Let me introduce you to this Senegal local fruit.  This fruit is my new craze.  They call it MAD.  I just found it taste better after 3 years i've been living here in Dakar. lol.

Normally, if i found it at the street, i'll just ignore it because the skin looks ugly (*now its really proved, don't judge the fruits by its skin..ngeh!).  My colleague ask me to taste during her pregnancy one day.  She told me that most of Senegal women will eat this during pregnant.  It tastes sour, juicy and delicious.  It have hard seeds and it looks like 'kelubi' at our place.  Here, they ate the fruits with little chili powder, salt and sugar to make it tastes better.  We can see they sell it at the street and its very rare to see they sell in the supermarket. Hmmmm...(*owh my!my mouth starting watery)  Nevertheless, this fruits have cant find it every time. During the season, many sellers will sell at the cost of FCFA100-FCFA250 depends on the size of the MAD.  Which is equal to RM0.65-RM1.60.  That's it! Enough on fruit documentary today. xoxo...Next time i share about other local fruits ok.  Owh yes, MANGO season is on the way...lalalalala~

Kak Lang

the chili powder, salt, sugar and the fruit

Mango tree at our office

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