Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Back to Dakar without him

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Hi there!I am safely arrive in Dakar last Sunday 18 December 2011.  This time i am coming back Dakar without my other half because he still not settle his matter yet. No idea when he coming back to Dakar as well. I hope it can settle as soon as possible. Last time at the departure hall, im crying aloud in my heart.  Dont want to leave Malaysia alone without him.  I am not strong enough to stay here alone with all the mess coming up soon. I read from the news that January will be very dangerous season travel in Dakar because they will announce the President candidates for the next election which will be held on February 2012.  My officer already advise me to buy all the groceries for one months stock in case there is any manifesto around Dakar during that announcement.  This situation make me more scary.  My dear hubby, please hurry up.  I need you here by my side.

That is all for today.  Im running out of my idea what to write.

Until then.  Bubye!

Love and Hugs,
Kak Lang

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