Monday, August 8, 2011

End of busy season

Hi there!Let me tell you what am I busy with last time.Firstly,I'm busy with my work as usual,secondly I was busy entertaining my family while visiting me here in Senegal.Thirdly,I was busy pampering my husband's beloved daughter,fulfilled all her request that she kept since we leave her about a year ago. Last but not least,I suddenly fall sick during the hectic period.I was admitted and did a small operation to remove something in my Womb.The doctor said something is blocking inside my womb that resulted me in pain.This is the scariest experience that I ever had.Being sick and having operation in African country with skill less people in medication.Can you imagine,i never shouting in an operation room before especially in the labor room but seriously here in Senegal I did shouting for pain because those skill less nurses couldn't find my nerve to put a needle.They try 12 times before found the right place.It was seriously painful and scary until the doctor show up his face.I feel safe and confident with him besides me.Anyhow I thank to Allah that everything is done and I'm safe now.

This is the thing that the doctor removed from my womb
things inside not really clear

This scary experience never finish because..Unfortunately,while i admitted all the single rooms is full and I was sharing a room with one Americans lady that had a virus fever.I'm damn scared to be infected by her.sharing a toilet with her some more. She said she get the virus from somewhere in the village while doing a research. The doctor yet found what virus she carried with. I hope she get speed recovery.

After had a good rest at home about two weeks,now I'm feeling better and already did my routine tasks especially cooking.

I don't want to get sick here ya allah.please protect me and gives me good health.

Thank you Allah for letting me alive.subhanallah.alhamdulillah.

Until then.bubye!

Love and hugs,
Kak lang

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